People of the West - westernperspective
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"There are lots of theories about why wolves howl, but nobody knows exactly why. For our two packs, it often seems to be a territory claim. We've noticed they always howl in the same order: first the two alphas, then they all join in. We've discovered a lot of things about wolves the last few months, but we still learn or observe something new every day. The land is another reason we moved here. I like to admire this land from different points of view. You can see different landscapes or even wild animals passing by. There's always something interesting to watch.  After we first visited the place, we were leaving and I remember the feeling of happiness we had. Our souls were smiling. It's been making us happy since."

-Aurelie Burns, Bozeman, Montana

Burns and her husband, Nate Burns, bought Howlers Inn outside of Bozeman in May 2017. As the name indicates, this luxurious inn features a federally-licensed wolf sanctuary, which houses captive-bred wolves that cannot be released into the wild. Guests at the inn can view and photograph the wolves, but the property is not open to the general public for viewing. For more information visit