People of the West - westernperspective
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“I’ve been going through a lot of changes recently: divorced last year. It took until the end of the year to get things settled, and I felt really drawn to get on the road, so I’ve been traveling a lot recently: Thailand, Mexico, Red Rocks and here. Just going through these beautiful places with amazing people and experiencing a different pace of life where you forget what day it is. You have this pace where you spend the morning talking with people about where you’re going to go, and then you go experience these amazing landscapes together. Interacting with those dramatic cliffs and experiencing nature first-hand can be really intense. Everywhere I’ve gone I’ve had really dramatic experiences where the landscape and nature show me how powerful they are.”

-Sean Hess, Salt Lake City, Utah (pictured near Navajo Rocks outside Moab)

(Hess further explained that he'd recently been climbing at Indian Creek south of Moab and took a lead fall during which his protection pulled from the cliff and he landed on the ground. "When something like that happens, you’re really close to something more serious," he said. "You have to remember you’re in a place that demands respect. When you’ve been doing a sport long enough, you can forget that you’re on a cliff, and it’s rough terrain.”)