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"Here in Buena Vista we're working to revitalize the downtown. That and bring in low income housing. There's great camaraderie here, great people and sense of community. I've been in BV for five years. Here working at the farm since October. This is called Mini Blessings, for underprivileged and handicapped kids. I like doing this kind of work. From the time I get up in the morning to the time I go to bed I'm outside."

-Steven Haarberg, Buena Vista, Colorado

Originally from Nebraska, Haarberg said he moved to Buena Vista when his work installing irrigation systems dried up and now works doing odd jobs, including tending to the horses at Mini Blessings. He proudly pointed around the upper Arkansas River valley to prominent landmarks including a rock formation he called Sleeping Indian (otherwise known as Midland Hill), the Buffalo Peaks to the northeast, the Sangre de Cristos to the south and, of course, the looming spires of the Collegiate Range west of town. Avalanche chutes near the base of Mount Yale, he said, reveal the word "God" as the snow melts in the spring. To learn more about Mini Blessings visit: