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“This (Jarbidge) is the last of the hold-outs right here. You’re not going to find many more places like this anywhere.

“When I first started back in the `90s we used to have to bring inmates up here. Judge Johnny would put his robe on while there were people in the bar. Then he’d grab his gavel and beat it on the bar and yell ‘bar’s closed, court’s in session.’ Then they’d go through the whole court process. Then after court he’d beat the crap out of the bar and say, ‘court’s done, bar’s open.’ That was the Red Dog Saloon.

“When I started here, the doors used to swing open, and they used to have a band back in the corner. Some idiot rode his horse into the bar. The door came crashing open, and this guy rode in. He had his hat in his hand and was like, ‘wahoo!’ His horse shit all over the place and knocked over the drums. He went out the back door, and he hit his head on the door, got bucked off. I was like, ‘you want me to take him to jail?’ They were like, ‘na, just tell him to clean up the horse shit.’ Then they got back to playing the music.”

-Aitor Narvaiza, Elko, Nevada (Photographed in Jarbidge, Nevada)

Narvaiza, who was born in the Basque Country of northern Spain, works as sergeant for the Elko County Sheriff’s Office, and as of spring 2018 had worked in and around Jarbidge for 24 years. In nearly a quarter decade of working in Jarbidge, he said he's never had to investigate a serious crime there. Most calls involved accidents and alcohol, he said, and he can often be found on a Saturday evening driving people back to their houses or campsites from the town's two watering holes to keep them off the road. He is running in 2018 for Elko County Sheriff.

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