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"I think this tenkara (fly fishing with a fixed line and no reel) is kind of a metaphor for society where we don't need all of this technology to fix all of our problems. It's so effective you can't believe it. I rarely go out when I don't catch 50 to 60 fish...

"The challenge for a lot of people is that you've got to fish where the fish are. It's like the rule of being a burglar. You burgle where the money is. You've got to fish where the fish are, and that's what takes the longest to learn."

-Yvon Chouinard, Jackson, Wyoming

(Photographed on the Big Wood River in Hailey, Idaho. Chouinard is founder of the outdoor clothing and equipment company Patagonia. An avid tenkara fly angler, Chouinard also leads Patagonia in a fashion that promotes planetary sustainability over the bottom line. "I never even wanted to be in business," he said for an April 26, 2012 article in The Wall Street Journal. "But I hang onto Patagonia because it's my resource to do something good. It's a way to demonstrate that corporations can lead examined lives."