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"In politics and beuracracies it's always about power and money, so you have to figure out who's getting what. To remove a dam it's just as easy as building one. But it's about the money. Naturally speaking it could happen really fast. This could easily have cottonwoods and willows return in just a few short years."

-Shane Turnbull, Index, Washington

Turnbull is pictured along Lower Granite Lake, one of four reservoirs that still the lower Snake River in eastern Washington state. He gathered there with 300 other dam removal advocates Oct. 3, 2015 to make a statement on behalf of wild salmon and free-flowing rivers. He is one of the members of Voyages of Rediscovery, which paddled the length of the Columbia River in homemade dugout canoes in 2013. He also runs an outfitting business called Chinook Expeditions.