People of the West - westernperspective
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"I'm not just a westerner, but a northwesterner where we have an appreciation for the arts, an appreciation for the outdoors and a love of good coffee. People really cherish the idea of wilderness and nature. They like to have salmon and deer and wildlife. There's a real sense of pride in preserving the outdoors; we still have a bit of that pioneering spirit."

-Chandra Johnson, Bellingham, Washington (Photographed near Odell, Oregon, on the northeast flank of Mount Hood.)

Johnson, a graduate of Western Washington University, plays violin and viola with artists like Mary Lambert, the Seattle Rock Orchestra, Maiah Manser and Hot Damn Scandal. She's recorded on an array of albums, with a variety of artists and has performed at Carnegie Hall, Key Arena and The Jay Leno Show, among numerous additional notable venues and festivals.

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